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Ambitus S.A. is a Portuguese furniture manufacturer dedicated to Contract business, located in the north of Portugal, in Paredes - Porto.

Having more than 40 employees on its staff, it has a production area with more than 4,000 m 2 and an extensive park of machines permanently updated.

Originally from the 60s, Ambitus combines the traditional knowledge of furniture manufacturing with the latest production technologies.
With over 20 years of experience in the "contract" area, Ambitus works on the project since it is designed by the client, providing the best engineering solutions and technical drawings, ending with a complete installation and final quality control.

"I was born in the middle of sawdust!"

António Ribeiro – CEO


It was in 1961 that António Alves Ribeiro, founder of the company and passionate about this sector, materialized his dream of launching himself into this area.

Over the years, he based his work on the technical knowledge he acquired through experience, the strong involvement of the team and the ambition to grow in a sustainable way, passing these values ​​on to his sons, António Ribeiro and Antero Ribeiro, current shareholders of the company.
From these almost 60 years of history, humility, the desire to share knowledge with customers, rigor and the constant search for quality, creating true partnerships are the same values nowadays. Over time came the maturity that allowed Ambitus to guarantee competence and professionalism in any challenge.